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Structure, Management and Board of Directors

Swiss Transfusion SRC is the umbrella organisation for the eleven regional blood transfusion services. It fulfils duties of the Swiss Confederation. 


Bodies within Swiss Transfusion SRC:

  • General Meeting, made up of the 12 shareholders: 11 regional blood transfusion services (RBTS) and the Swiss Rred Cross
  • Board of Directors
  • Management Board
  • Conference of Presidents, made up of the RBTS presidents
  • Swiss Blood Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (SBST)
  • SBST committees
  • Conference of Directors, made up of the RBTS directors
  • working groups, which compile responses to specific inquiries 
The picture shows the eight members of the management of Swiss Transfusion SRC

Management Board Swiss Transfusion SRC

Management Board

  • Dr. Bernhard Wegmüller, CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. med. Soraya Amar, Chief Medical Officer BTS
  • Felix Bussmann, Head of Finance & IT
  • Franziska Kellenberger, Head of Marketing & Communications
  • Oliver Kürsteiner, PhD, Department head SBSC
  • Dr. med. Gayathri Nair , Chief Medical Officer SBSC
  • Anita Tschaggelar, Department head BTS
  • Rahel Vaterlaus, Head of Human Resources

Board of Directors

  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Zeltner (President)
  • Dr. Hubert Schaller (Vice-President)
  • Dr. med. Christoph B. Egger
  • PD Dr. med. Sabine Gerull
  • Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Halter
  • Dr. med. Christof Jungbauer
  • Sarah Kopse
  • Prof. Dr. med. Christian Ludwig
  • Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Tobler